Deploy Meteor apps on Bluemix in 5 easy steps

All IBMers have free access to Bluemix, unfortunately Bluemix does support the Meteor buildpack by default (Node.js app). Here’s how you can work around that limitation in 5 simple steps

I’m assuming that you’ve logged into Bluemix via the CloudFoundry command line interface

Step #1: Go to the Meteor application directory on your local machine

cd path/to/meteor/app/dir

Step #2: Add .cfignore file to ignore downloaded packages associated with this app (This will be downloaded again while deploying Meteor, so no need to upload them).

echo ".meteor/local" >> ./.cfignore

Step #3: Create a MongoLab service (specifically go for MongoLab and not any other MongoDB provider). At the time of this writing Bluemix did not have a MongoLab instance in Europe (eu-gb) so you will probably be able to deploy your Meteor app only in North America (US-South).

cf create-service mongolab sandbox

Step #4: Bind the created Mongolab service to this application

cf bind-service

Step #5: Push the app with Ben Cox‘s Meteor buildpack for Bluemix.

cf push  -b

That’s it. Wait for the push to succeed, you should see your Meteor application up an running on Bluemix!


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